B2B Data Market Industry Report

Curious about the trends in the B2B data marketplace, we surveyed 175 U.S.- based B2B marketing professionals.

Some key findings include:

  • Why it’s a good thing to have more data providers
  • Whether or not large companies are harder to please (hint: it may not be as counter intuitive as you think)
  • The state of ABM and its reliance on third party data
  • Existing CRM data vs. third party data

Included in our survey are the opinions marketers often have regarding their data. While marketers are often frustrated with the state of their house data, their sentiments toward data providers may be different. Since third party data is being utilized more and more, it can be fascinating to see what percentage of marketers actually say they’re satisfied.

While still on the topic of marketers’ opinions, this guide details which data provider leads the pack as the provider most marketers have chosen, as well as a list of other less popular data providers marketers use as well. 

Download the B2B Data Market Industry Report to discover:

  • What marketers really think of data providers
  • Issues with third-party data
  • And much more

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