A Different Kind of Partner Program

We once added two opportunities to our pipeline within two weeks where the original lead source turned out to be people who talked about Openprise with their significant others over dinner.

Hmmm, we thought. Let’s encourage more of that! So, here’s what we came up with:
1)   Have dinner with a loved one.
2)   Talk about your day (and about us).
3)   If there’s interest from your significant other, register his/her interest here in the form on the right. Be sure to get permission first!
4)   If we end up closing a deal based on that dinner conversation within a year, we’ll pay for a dinner for you two anywhere* (note the big asterisk).

Yes, dinner anywhere. French Laundry, Marvin’s Gardens? Whatever works for you all. We don’t judge.

The fine print: *Our finance people say we should limit the value of the award to $500, so we’ll stick with that. That’s an awesome dinner in anyone’s book. Once the deal is closed and you hear from us, just send us a receipt, and we’ll take care of the rest.