The State of B2B Marketing Data Management

There was a time when business focused purely on brand and haphazardly executed marketing tactics that a team would come up with. But can you imagine that happening today - if data weren’t central to making marketing decisions? We can make informed choices that lead to predictable results today precisely because data is central to all aspects of demand generation and performance marketing. How amazing is it that we’re able to instantaneously pull up numbers across a variety of variables and look into the specifics of those numbers? In the recent past, marketers worked hard to refine and build many systems geared toward the ease and fluidity of our data-driven marketing efforts, thus allowing us to be such efficient marketers. However, while the benefits of clean data are clearly established, B2B organizations continue to struggle with their databases.

Research from the Demand Gen Report shows that 49% of B2B companies said improving the depth and accuracy of their data is a priority for them, and 42% of marketers said the quality of their database makes performance measurement more challenging.

The database is core to our ability to operate and therefore keeping it in good shape should be a top priority.

Read this special report to discover:

  • What is data orchestration
  • How to drive campaign performance and customer engagement with better data
  • Real life examples from leading B2B companies

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