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Breaking down silos: How to master the RevOps approach

Duration: 29 minutes


Asia Corbett
Senior Revenue Operations Manager

Deming Cassity
Solutions Consultant
Anyssa Mendoza
Demand Generation & RevOps Manager


What you’ll get:

Join us for RevOps LIVE! where industry experts share their insights on the issues facing RevOps leaders today. Part 1 of this two-part webinar covered the “Why,” and this session will share the “How,” giving you insights you can put to use right away.

Between 2019 and 2021, the number of organizations with centralized revenue operations increased by 166% (RevOps Automated). Clearly, these businesses see the need for a holistic RevOps approach. But the question remains: how can businesses make a true effort to break down silos between sales and marketing instead of ending up with the same old SalesOps just with a different name?

Join Openprise RevOps experts Deming Cassity and Jasmine Chung, and our guest, Asia Corbett, for Part 2 of Breaking down silos: How to master the RevOps approach to:
  • Avoid the “gotchas” in processes like lead routing, scoring, and territory carves that separate good from best-in-class.
  • Get buy-in from leadership and stakeholders to get projects underway.
  • Determine the data types you need and how to effectively collect and clean them.
  • Work with Sales Operations to ensure effective territory design, implementation, and management.

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