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Data Enrichment: Building a scalable strategy

On-demand webinar
Duration: 60 minutes


Nicholas Rose
Co-Founder of Hyperscayle
Liz Fulham
Lem Lloyd
Head of Data

What you’ll get:

“Nearly 70% of revenue leaders were not confident in the accuracy of their CRM data, but a quarter of respondents stated that data quality is a low priority for the organization and 33% are not enriching their data at all” - Buzzboard, The State of CRM Data for SaaS Companies.

In too many instances, there is lack of confidence due to inaccessible data with poor match rates making it nearly impossible to identify your ICP and accurately assess your TAM. Even worse, there’s a huge challenge when finding the data that will allow you to expand internationally.

So, how do you build a scalable strategy?

Join this discussion with Nicholas Rose, Co-Founder of Hyperscayle, Liz Fulham, CEO, TAMI, hosted by Lem Lloyd, Head of Data at Openprise, and find out how you can:
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes and pitfalls of data enrichment and strategy development.
  • Navigate through the complexities of the changing data landscape and new data providers.
  • Get first-hand advice from companies that have succeeded in building effective enrichment strategies.
  • Learn more about how to best source International Data - for EMEA and APAC.
  • Plan for this critical topic: data compliance.

Start maximizing the ROI with the full and robust data to the right person, at the right time, with the right solutions.

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