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Operationalizing Your Customer Data: Fast-evolving Options for Delivering on B2B CDP

Featuring Forrester

On-demand - Aired date: January 24, 2023
Duration: 60 minutes

The transition to data-driven and account-centric models require B2B companies to bring together their best first-party data with the right second and third-party data to ensure relevance across the revenue funnel.

Unfortunately, most companies struggle with unifying customer data across systems of record and sources of truth, integrating their CDP with the data warehouse, and evaluating new options including composable CDP and reverse ETL.

Adding to the challenge, CDPs now need to go beyond marketing, as RevOps teams look to create communal data across what has become an increasingly fragmented set of funnels and customer journey maps.

Join Openprise CEO Ed King, Natasha Ness, VP of Innovation and Enablement, and guest speaker Katie Linford, Principal Analyst at Forrester, as they:

  • Define the different sets of B2B use cases for customer data and CDPs
  • Discuss client success stories in operationalizing customer data across the customer lifecycle
  • Show you tips and tricks for matching CDP options to your needs, and best practices for creating dataflows with full confidence

Speaker 1

Katie Linford

Principle Analyst, Forrester

Speaker 2

Natasha Ness 

VP, Innovation and Enablement, Shift Paradigm

Speaker 3

Ed King

Founder and CEO, Openprise