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RevOps Live! Executive Edition | Confessions of a chief revenue operations officer

Duration: 42 minutes


Rosalyn Santa Elena
Chief Revenue Operations Officer
Carabiner Group
Tim Lambert
Chief Revenue Officer

What you’ll get:

Rosalyn Santa Elena, Chief Revenue Operations Officer at Carabiner Group, has seen it all in her time as a leader in RevOps. She understands the critical need for sales leaders to understand ops, which has been crucial in aligning marketing, sales, services, and success teams throughout her career.

Join us when we’ll interview Rosalyn about her journey as a sales and ops leader across multiple industries and companies by Tim Lambert, Openprise CRO. She’ll discuss how organizations can manage how their RevOps can mature amidst the explosion of sales tech offerings, as well as the importance of moving from a “growth at all costs” model to an efficient growth model.

You’ll take away valuable information,including:
  • The top three efficiency trends she’s tracking and how they drive RevOps.
  • Which initiatives are critical to achieving efficient growth.
  • How ops professionals can advance their careers in this field.

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