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Holistic attribution: how to double the power of your marketing and sales data

Duration: 60 minutes


Saumya Shah
Marketing Strategy and Operations Manager
Leigh Ann Gilson
Technical Account Manager

What you’ll get:

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Marketing data is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of campaign attribution. But just looking at the marketing side without including sales data only gets you half the picture. The revenue team at Nutanix figured this out and looked for a platform that enabled them to get a holistic look at the campaign attribution data from both their marketing and sales teams.

Join Saumya Shah, Marketing Strategy and Operations Manager from Nutanix, and Leigh Ann Gilson, Technical Account Manager from Openprise as they explain how Nutanix:
  • Evolved its campaign attribution process with specific attribution models.
  • Gets clear insights into deals through a conscious effort to link Marketing and Sales data.
  • Realizes the benefits of a holistic approach to campaign attribution with a full view from beginning to end.
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